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12-segment nylon yoga belt Extension Belt

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( 5 Reviews )

Very clean floor

Kyrazz 03-18-2019


I love that this vacuum is quiet. Not as noisy as the old one I have. The noise of it is not enough to distract me me doing other stuff while it is doing it's work. It also cleans the floor very well. And it's thin enough to go under my bed. Before it goes under my bed, there's a layer of dust. And it was gone after several rounds of cleaning.

Good cleaner

Sherry 03-15-2019


Heavier than my previous one. The filters are a little complex but workable. I especially like the charging station. Just let it roll back and it can be safely charged until the lights change. It handles the bumps and dog hairs well. The magnetic bells could prevent it from falling from the stairs. My little puppy is still afraid of it and keeps barking at it. Hope they well get along better. Hahhhhhaaa

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